Rebuild Your Confidence

We aim to rebuild your confidence in travel by providing you with COVID safe organizations that are audited by a third-party so you can rest assured.

Peace of Mind

We understand the impact that this pandemic may have on your mind. This is why we are here to help you travel safely by following the current and new CDC guidelines.

Travel Fearlessly

Resume your travel with Travel COVID Safe. We offer the most stringent COVID safe accreditation that is the gold standard in the hospitality industry.

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Travel COVID Safe seeks to rebuild confidence by being the most stringent, reliable, and up-to-date seal of COVID safety for anyone looking to travel.

By rebuilding confidence in travel amidst the COVID-19 havoc and making consumer journeys safe, we aim to pump blood in the Tourism and Travel Industry again.


Your Journey With Travel COVID Safe will start with


We are designed to protect against COVID-19.


We are adapting to the new standards from the CDC.

Peace of mind

We aim to eliminate fear of traveling due to COVID-19.


We work for your protection and safety.


Our standards are derived from the CDC.


Your only job is to enjoy traveling again.

About Us

By directly addressing traveler’s COVID-19 health risk concerns, we seek to assist in the re-activation of the United States driven travel industry segment by providing a real, audited, third-party CDC health standards-based accreditation system that is assistive and flexible in design.

What Travel COVID Safe Does

It Provides The Best Accreditation

We offer the most clinical accreditation and are seen as the most reliable accrediting body among the market. We focus on trust-building, and thus, we are broadly accepted and acknowledged.

Builds Trust In Consumers

We are working diligently on the mission of instilling trust and confidence again in the consumers for the Tourism and Travel Industry amid fears of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boost US Tourism And Travel Market

We focus on re-activating the United States Tourism and Travel Industry by offering a third-party, audited, accreditation system that’s based on CDC health standards.

Tourism and Travel industry's first and only COVID-19 safety accrediting body based on
Travel Health Standards as dictated by the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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Reach out to us to know how we can help you travel safe in the times of COVID-19