Accreditation Process

Accreditation = TRUST

Travel COVID Safe accreditation was created to reactivate the industry with two main principles: your safety and your satisfaction.

First things first - make it safe

When a facility receives their accreditation, they have proven to follow policies and procedures to meet a specific criteria in order to maintain a COVID free space while implementing prevention techniques.

Each place that receives the Travel Covid Safe Accreditation stamp has a coach right from the beginning of the process who identifies any missing practice and acts as a guide along the way.

On-site inspections are a must

We believe that the only way to validate these procedures are by seeing them in action for ourselves. A part of becoming Travel Covid Safe Accredited is by one of our members physically going to the facility to audit their policies and procedures to verify that what they are doing is keeping you safe and satisfied.

Changing with the times

Because healthcare professionals and scientists are learning more each day about the novelty COVID virus, it is crucial to maintain or change any procedure to correspond with the new findings. This is why the CAT program exists.

The CAT program is an interactive tool that helps an organization keep up with up-to-date standards that help maintain compliance while also pavings the road for an easier re-accreditation.

We are well aware that new information will be brought to the public and this is why our guidelines and procedures are living documents.

We are all in this together

When the facility completes their accreditation process, they will be involved 24/7 with a parallel community where information is constantly being shared to learn and evolve with the new 'normal.'

Most importantly, your voice matters. We depend on the reviews and comments from people like you to keep accreditation up to date and also to share the best practices from the traveler's perspective.

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Tourism and Travel industry's first and only COVID-19 safety accrediting body based on
Travel Health Standards as dictated by the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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